eFormatChecker: the software supports in improving the quality of document formatting

This software helps users to check the format of documents efficiently and quickly before starting a translation project. Any problem in the source file will be handled also in the target. It will also occur in all the subsequent versions of the same document. It is important to check for such problems at the very beginning, when creating the source document. Correcting a minor formatting mistake is easy, but correcting it in several versions will take some time, and on a Friday afternoon, with the deadline of the project fast approaching, you are bound to make a mistake. Use the STAR FormatChecker to eliminate typographical and formatting errors from your documents, in the source document, before submitting the text for translation. You don’t have to correct errors in several target languages.

Key benefits of FormatChecker

  • Saving time and costs in the graphic processing of documents in all versions
  • Increasing quality, compatibility and document leverage
  • Creating documents to a high technical standard
  • Text processing facilitation
  • Solutions for maximum formatting quality

FormatChecker can check for over 40 formatting errors (and offer solutions for them as well),such as:

  • a paragraph created by a line break
  • positioning text using space or tab
  • unsuitable image or table anchor position
  • using font clones or a large number of font families
  • manually created cross-referencing
  • typographically incorrect inverted commas or hyphens
  • manual hyphenation, etc.

FormatChecker is compatible with the following software:

  • Microsoft Word 2007 for Windows or higher
  • Adobe FrameMaker 5.5 or higher
  • a version for QuarkXPress is soon to be released

The link to FormatChecker international website, demo download:

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