GRIPS: multilingual information management

The best system for translation planning and management

  • In corporate information management, it is crucial to have total control.
  • Information is the cornerstone of any company, the basis of all business processes, and of the technical and business know-how of your product manufacture and maintenance.
  • How do you handle your corporate information in a multilingual environment?
  • Can this information be centralized and shared by more departments, such as marketing, support or development?

Why “multilingual information management”?

In every company, there are many documents related to support, production and marketing. Managing thousands of documents is a big challenge, particularly when the documents are written in several languages. Updating the content and synchronizing translations requires high-quality software systems.

From you, the information passes over to many publications and is used by many users within your company.

GRIPS provides a top solution for content management. GRIPS is a complex, user-friendly system that supports the whole process from editing to publishing information. All the information is stored in the SGML format, which facilitates its management. GRIPS structures and manages your data, enabling you to focus on the content.

Key benefits of GRIPS

  • Improved producibility through facilitation of edition and file management using a single interface.
  • SPIDER technology makes publishing easier. A number of outputs – print, CD ROM or online publication – from a single source, quickly and in time.
  • Numerous benefits of improved teamwork. Teams can share data, which enables repeated use and cuts costs.
  • No more superfluous information. Using GRIPS will increase the quality of data and its reusability, providing you with a large amount of manageable data.

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