Technical & Specialized Translations

We’ve had extensive experience with technical and specialized translations since STAR Group was established. We believe the following factors are keys to the quality of the final text:

- Expertise in the field of the translated text – the translator must have a thorough knowledge of the subject matter he or she translates. 

- The ability to formulate ideas in a clear, easy-to-read, and stylistically pure manner – we cooperate with translators who are native speakers and are able to transfer information from the source text to the target language in an understandable way.

- Avoiding literal translation – literal translation is often inappropriate; it is of vital importance to understand the meaning of the text and to articulate it correctly in the target language.

- Checking and proofreading the complete translation – particularly to check completeness, numbers, formatting and terminology, and to carry out stylistic and language proofreading, conducted by professional lingual experts independently of the translator.

How do we recruit translators?

STAR pays minute attention to the recruitment of excellent translators. Only one out of about 60 candidates passes the thorough testing procedure. We carefully review the content and technical correctness, as well as the language and stylistic perfection, of each candidate’s test translation. The testing is provided by our in-house specialists with over 20 years of experience. This is the only way to guarantee the top quality and technical perfection of translations.

What software do we use?

For translating, we use the up-to-date CAT software Transit, which we have been developing for over 20 years. CAT is an abbreviation of the English term “Computer-Aided Translation”. It is a system which allows for maximum efficiency and quality in a translator’s work, using advanced functions such as translation memory, fuzzy logic, terminology management and quality control. It is not a machine or automated translation, but a professional working environment for translation, project management and terminology management. For more information, refer to the translation software section.

Solutions to save cost for clients

Translated texts often contain repeated or matching sentences. At many agencies, clients pay for each occurrence of the repeated text. At STAR Group, you pay for the translation of repeated sentences only once: for a repeated matching sentence, we charge only 25 percent of the standard rate, for a similar sentence it is only 50 percent of the standard rate. Before we start a translation, the client receives detailed statistics showing the number of words in the new text, and the number of repetitions and similar sentences. Thus our clients can always see clearly how much they will save on repetitions. Savings in larger projects may reach thousands of dollars.. Check the quality of our work yourself. We offer a free sample translation to serve as a basis for your decision on whether you order the whole translation from us.

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