Who we are

STAR Group was established in the small town of Stein am Rhein in Switzerland in 1984. For more than a quarter of a century, it has consistently achieved high customer satisfaction and has grown into an international group of 52 companies on four continents. With a thousand full-time employees and in cooperation with a network of tens of thousands worldwide, we are able to provide our clients with translation and other services in any language combination.

We don't just translate. We localize

Many companies offer translation of texts into foreign languages. But STAR Group offers much more. Localization involves not only translating a text into a foreign language, but translating it in such a way as to create the right impression, making the text completely clear and understandable for any reader in the target market. We work with specialists in given fields, whether the text is general, technical, business or legal. We work with translators who live in the target country – native speakers who know how to communicate. This is crucial for making the text effective in the local context. In order to achieve perfection, each translated text is thoroughly proofread, both from the stylistic and language points of view.

Efficiency and high standards

To achieve the maximum efficiency in the process of localization and publishing of information in a foreign language, we have been developing our own industry-leading software for two decades. We use Transit translation software with translation memory (CAT – Computer-Aided Translation), fuzzy logic and terminology management, project management software, electronic information publishing software, and so on. We bring all these up-to-date tools to our projects. The result is more efficiency and a better quality of work, leading to the satisfaction of our clients and partners.
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