Terminology & Translation Memory Management

Moreover, we offer terminology and multilingual translation memory management for an effective and top-quality translation of your corporate documents.

Terminology management

With long-term projects, it is worthwhile to add to and update the corporate glossary of technical terms on a continuous basis. This is an efficient way to ensure the consistent use of correct terminology in translations for a given client by the translator. Corporate terminology is managed in close cooperation with the client. The terminology may be either based on an existing corporate database or created from scratch. In any case, newly added terms are submitted to the client for approval. The Transit software used for translation enables us to efficiently extract terminology from the text and to check the completed translation for instances where the mandatory corporate terminology has not been used. In this way, and in close cooperation with the client, we are able efficiently to ensure the use of correct and consistent corporate terminology in translations.

Translation memory management

Every paragraph and every sentence translated by us is incorporated into the translation memory, which we manage separately, exclusively for you. Should a similar sentence occur in a future document for translation, it will be suggested to the translator by the Transit software. The translator checks the sentence in the context of the new document and accepts the suggestion. If the sentence is over 70 percent similar, the translator will modify the sentence suggested from the translation memory, complete the translation, and insert the modified sentence into the new text. This is advantageous to both parties: to the translator, as his or her work is much more efficient; to the client, as they get a better translation thanks to consistent terminology; in addition, the client pays less, as they earn up to a 75 percent discount on the unit price for the translation of a repeated segment. You never pay twice for the translation of the same sentence with us!

Translation memory does not in any way imply an automated or machine translation. It is a repeated and efficient use of the translator’s work. The advanced translation memory management functions of the Transit software allow for easy execution of multiple changes in all translations at once if the client switches to a new terminology for one reason or another.

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